Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

                                          🌳Camp 2017 Kaitawa ⛺
It was cool when we went to camp, in the car it was so hot, I was beginning to think that Camp Kaitawa was not a place but I saw a big, big building.   After we put our bags in our dorm, we ate lunch and then we played in the lake.  I went in a kayak, I saw Miss Hill and some other kids doing a cool challenge, it was so cool to watch them run across the boats.  All the parents and teachers made us a lovely dinner and then we went to bed.

After breakfast we went on two walks, one was down to the power station and the other down to the lake called Lake Waikamoana, we went back to camp to have lunch. I played handball after lunch, then later in the day we went for a night walk.  I was so tired I went to bed and straight to sleep.

In the morning I played with some lego and I  made two motor bikes and a space ship and then I  played handball.  After lunch we went back to the lake and did some rock hopping,  it took all afternoon to go round the lake, it was hard but fun.  We had a master chef, we came last, but it was fun to cook.

We got to play in the dining room, we had lunch and went caving.  There was four caves, the last one was the biggest, there were big wetas and it was very muddy.
We celebrated Kelly's birthday.

We went down to the courts and played until morning tea while the adults cleaned the camp, on the way back to school, we stopped at a layby and had lunch.  Then we went back to school.

I enjoyed camp, I liked caving the most.    

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